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Westfield Community Centre cuts…Michael Mullaney speaks out!

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Click here to see Michael Mullaney, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Hinckley and Bosworth, speaks out against the Conservative County Council’s massive cut backs, including cuts to the Westfield Community Centre.


Odds slashed on a Lib Dem victory in Bosworth!

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The odds on a Lib Dem victory in Hinckley and Bosworth at the General Election have been slashed, from 50/1 at the start of the campaign to 10/1!

This shows more and more people are backing Lib Dem candidate Michael Mullaney to be the next MP for the area.

Michael says, “It looks like Ladbrokes have realised how strong the desire for change is in Bosworth. People want a new MP who will campaign on the local issues people are concerned about.”

Huge petition to save Care Homes submitted

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A petition calling for local Care Homes to be saved has been submitted to Leicestershire County Council.

The petition,was organised by the Pensioners Action Group and Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Michael Mullaney.

Michael Mullaney said “Conservative controlled Leicestershire County Council ae threatening to sell or close nearly all the council run Care Homes in the county. This includes The Limes in Hinckley and Harvey House in Barwell.

 “The County Council say if they can’t sell the homes they will close them. Well they haven’t managed to sell them all the times they have tried to in the past.

“Conservative bosses at County Hall are also cutting back on Bus Services, threatening to close Community Centres like Westfield in Hinckley and cutting care services from some pensioners.

“Leicesterhsire is getting a taste of what life will be like under Tory rule and it’s not pleasant.”

The tax cut you can believe in

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Local candidate Michael Mullaney with Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg

Under Labour, the tax system is complex, unwieldy and, most of all, unfair. This has to change. The Liberal Democrats will rebalance our tax system to make it fair once and for all.

Under the Liberal Democrats the income tax threshold will be raised to £10,000, meaning most taxpayers will see their income tax bills cut by £700.

We are setting out where every last pound of the money will come from: clamping down on tax avoidance, closing tax loopholes for the wealthy, a ‘mansion tax’ on homes worth more than £2 million and making sure that airlines pay for the pollution they cause.

We are proposing the biggest tax switch in generations. A radical overhaul to make sure those at the top pay their fair share in order to put money back in the pockets of people who need it.

We’re doing everything we can to get this message across. It’s a key part of our campaign. It’ll be in our manifesto.

Big petition to save Care Homes to be handed in

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Michael Mullaney and local Lib Dem Councillors campaign to save local Care Homes

A petition containing thousands of petitions to save Leicestershire Care Homes, is to be handed over on Wednesday, 12.30pm outside the Hinckley and Bosworth Council Offices, on Mount Road , Hinckley .

Conservative run Leicestershire County Council is selling off nearly all the council run Care Homes in Leicestershire. The County Council have said that if they can’t sell the Homes they will close them. When they have tried to sell the Homes in the past they have not been able to, so closure is a real threat.

The petition organised by the local Pensioners Action Group and Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Bosworth Michael Mullaney is being handed over to County Councillor David Bill on Wednesday. He will then send them to the County Council.

Another day on the campaign trail

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Today was another milestone in the campaign; the first debate between the Bosworth candidates. Myself,  the Labour and Conservative candidates were invited to the National Farmers Union public debate on Farming.
It was a well attended meeting with some good questions on the future of the farming industry, the big power the supermarkets have over some farmers and the environment.
It was a good debate and most important of all I think its fair to say that I learnt more, from the experiences and problems of the farmers who came, than I said. I have come away from the meeting much more knowledgeable of the problems and concerns facing the farming community in Bosworth.
Also spent the day campaigning in Hinckley and Barwell, again a very warm response.

Michael Mullaney sets the pace for change!

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Michael Mullaney at a recent event in Hinckley marking Fairtrade Fortnight.

More and more local residents are supporting Hinckley resident Michael Mullaney to be our next local MP.

Recent elections across Hinckley and Bosworth have shown that it is a straight fight between the Lib Dems and Conservatives in this area.

Labour lost all their remaining County Councillors in last June’s election and fell to a poor fourth place in the European elections.

Michael Mullaney is the only major party candidate who lives locally. Michael has gained a reputation as a local champion who will fight for our area.

Michael says, “I believe that Hinckley and Bosworth needs a strong local voice to stand up for our area in Parliament. If elected I will continue to live in the constituency and be open and accessible to local people.”