Michael gets best Liberal vote in Bosworth since 1930’s!

In an historic election result, the Lib Dems and Michal Mullaney achieved an amazing result,taking the party from third to second place and ensuring Bosworth is now a Lib Dem/Tory marginal.

Here’s the Bosworth result in full:

Conservative 23,132 42.6% (No Change)
Liberal Democrat 18,100 33.3% (+11.7%)
Labour 8,674  16.0% (-15.9%)
BNP 2,458 4.5%
UKIP  1,098 2%
English Democrat 615 1.1%
Independent 197 0.4%

Here’s some more impressive stats from the night:

* Our 18,100 votes were the highest vote for the Liberal Democrats in the whole East Midlands region
* We cut the Tory lead over us in half from 10,000 to 5,000
* The swing of 5.9% from Conservative to Lib Dem was the 4th highest in Britain in a Conservative held seat
* The rise in the Lib Dem vote of +11.7% was the 9th highest out of the 631 seats in Britain
* We did a great squeeze on the Labour vote. The drop in the Labour vote -15.9% was the 17th biggest drop in the Labour vote out of 631 seats in Britain.


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