Michael Mullaney For Bosworth

Campaigners celebrate cheque success!


Local Lib Dems celebrate cheque campaign victory!

Local campaigners in Hinckley and Bosworth are celebrating news that cheques are to be saved.

The Payment Council, on behalf of the big banks, had announced the abolition of cheques by 2018.

However, massive protests against the moves have forced a rethink and cheques will now be kept.

Cllr Michael Mullaney, Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokesman for Bosworth welcomes the news “This is a great win for people power.

“3,000 people in Hinckley and Bosworth signed the petition to save cheques. Many more people from across the country also backed the campaign.

 “Public pressure has forced the banks to listen and cheques will now be saved.

“This is good news for everyone who uses cheques. In particular, small businesses, local community groups and pensioners and disabled people who would have been particularly badly hit if cheques had been scrapped.”