The key issues for Michael in Hinckley and Bosworth


Local people are concerned about the state of our NHS.

The Liberal Democrats want to give local people more say over their local NHS through elected health boards.

Liberal Democrats believe in putting more money into screening for bowel, breast and cervical cancer.

Michael Mullaney has a record of campaigning for our local NHS. He has carried out a massive NHS survey to find out local people’s concerns.

He has worked closely with local campaigning groups like the Hinckley and Bosworth Save Our NHS group.

Protecting local services

Michael believes it is crucial that Hinckley and Bosworth’s services are protected.

Michael believes that Hinckley and Bosworth’s services are being disproportionately hit compared to other area’s.

Michael has fought the cuts to Hinckley’s firefighters. He has opposed the Conservative County Council plans to sell off or close the Limes and Harvey House care homes.  He’s also opposed plans to cut local bus services and the threats to the popular Hinckley Community Centre, Westfield.

Cleaning up politics

Local people are angry with our political system and the actions of some politicians, including Bosworth’s Conservative MP David Tredinnick.

Michael Mullaney has made a pledge to local people to let them know that he will be the MP that the people of Hinckley and Bosworth deserve. Michael is fighting for local people to have the power to sack failing MPs and for more openness and transparency in politics.

He will fight to reduce central government power and for a fairer voting system so that every vote cast will really count.

Michael has also promised to publish his expenses online every year so that local people can see them first hand for themselves.


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